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Locksmith in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

It seems like a joke, but lately locksmiths are in great demand, before the locks did not have so much technology, nowadays they allow you to secure your house and your car in a better way. However, this does not mean that you cannot lose the key, damage it or cause its system to fail. Regardless of whether the key is smart, for your house or your car, if you need a locksmith in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico right now, then let us help you. Contact us at 787-665-0980.

What is our specialization?

We specialize above all in car keys, we can cut and program it in your car's computer so that it works perfectly.

We also program beeper keys, chip keys, Smart keys or “Smart keys” and regardless of the make of your car.

What we will do is a duplicate that will work without problems and you would not have to have the original key, we can do it with or without. You just have to contact us right now and at Tu Cerrajero PR we will use our special tools so you can continue using your vehicle.

    What other services do we provide?

    We want you to know a little more about our services, since we specialize in all kinds of smart keys for cars, but we can also open other types of locks. After all, we are locksmith specialists in Guaynabo and other services we provide are:

    Locksmith at home in Guaynabo

    Our service is completely at home, we understand of course that you cannot move your vehicle and that you do not always have the original key to make a copy. When it comes to residential locks, it is necessary for someone to attend you, we are available for you 7 days a week.

    Residential opening, houses, apartments and more

    We can work with any type of residential lock since we have the necessary tools and knowledge to open your locks without any type of damage or extra cost due to it. We can open your house, your apartment, change the lock, give you a copy of your key and much more.

    Opening of vehicles

    To open a vehicle it is vital that you have not only the special tool, but also the knowledge to be able to open the vehicle without causing further damage and that basically the problem is not expensive for you. We take care of that at Tu Cerrajero PR, we will put all our efforts into opening your vehicle without major inconveniences and so that you can continue using it as soon as possible.

    Opening of offices

    There are offices that often have complex locks and obviously, you may also have a lock problem or lose the key. For these cases it is vital to do a good job where the lock is changed.

    Request a locksmith service in Guaynabo

    Our office hours are: from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm Monday to Sunday, you can contact us and we will be happy to attend to your request.