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Locksmith in Bayamon

We attend to the different inconveniences you have with your locks. From a repair to a replacement. We also work with car keys, house keys and business keys.

If you are looking for a trustworthy locksmith in Bayamón, you are in the right place. We have for you certified technicians specialized in solving any problem with locks. We are backed by more than 17 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers in San Juan and in different areas of Puerto Rico. But we want to talk to you about everything we can do for you, so we will detail our services.

Car Keys in Bayamón

Lost the car key? Request our lost key replacement service, in minutes you will have the keys in your hands. In addition, we also work with car chip keys. And all this, with a certified locksmith in Bayamón and a specialist in all types of cars, from the most common to classic and luxury. You just have to contact us and we will be with you in minutes.

    Locksmith Service in Bayamón for Cars

    Car opening by a professional locksmith.
    Programming of electronic keys, keys with chips, beepers transponders, Key Fobs.
    Replacement and installation of ignition or ignition switch.
    Duplicate keys.
    Keys without original.
    Combination changes or reprogramming of keys and locks for your car.
    Lock replacement.
    Copy, diagnose and repair electronic keys or keys with beepers.
    Keys for Ford in Bayamón

    Keys to House in Bayamón

    At Tu Cerrajero Puerto Rico we know, from experience, that house keys are lost or you can leave them inside one day when you leave in a hurry. For this reason, we have an emergency service in Bayamón with which we guarantee quick assistance at any time or day of the week. In addition, you can also request a lock change, lock repair or key replacement, even if you don't have the original one.

    Locksmith Services in Bayamón for Houses

    House Opening
    Open security doors
    Installation of security systems
    Lost duplicate keys
    Emergency Services
    Change to security locks

    Lock Repair in Bayamón

    There are many reasons why you may need a lock repair. The most common is to leave a key inside and try to get it out yourself. Whatever the case, we make repairs in minutes. On the other hand, you also have a lock replacement service, highly recommended when the door of your home or business has been broken into.

    Locksmith Service for Mercedes Benz Cars in Bayamón

    We have locksmiths in Bayamón specialized in Mercedes Benz cars. Any problem you have, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you 24/7 with mobile units available to arrive wherever you are in minutes.

    Locksmith Services in Bayamón for Luxury Cars
    Opening of Mercedes cars and emergency locksmith service 24/7.
    Duplicate Mercedes Bayamón car keys.
    Replacement of Mercedes Benz keys without original or Manufacture of keys for Mercedes Benz cars.
    Repair of Mercedes Benz Fobs, Controls and Keys in Puerto Rico.
    Replacement covers, controls and smart keys for Mercedes cars.
    Combination changes or reprogramming of keys and locks for your Mercedes Benz car.

    We are the solution to your locksmith problems in Bayamón!