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Locksmith in Puerto Rico
For your Car or House in Puerto Rico

Locksmith services, we open cars, houses, offices, all kinds of locks and padlocks, we master locks and we work on "master keying" systems for residences and apartment complexes.

We make keys without the originals for most cars in San Juan, Puerto Rico, duplicate car keys, key programming, keys with chip. Among other locksmith services in Puerto Rico.

Why choose us?

We open the house or business, in addition to making the keys with and without the original lock, if possible.

The facts speak of the
result of our efforts

Did you keep your keys inside the vehicle, your residence or office?

In case of emergency, we offer the service to open your vehicle safely, without causing damage to your car. We can open it through the lock as we are locksmiths or we could also open it in other ways without causing damage to your car. Our staff undergoes periodic training on how to open cars and residences without causing damage, we train in the most modern technologies, products and equipment for locksmiths and to be able to give access to your property quickly, safely and effectively.

Did you lose the original keys or copies of your vehicle?

We make copies with the original and without the key, we program keys with a chip and without the chip (Some vehicles from 1995 onwards use a chip and almost all from the year 2000). If the key is deprogrammed, we can also test it to get it working properly again and if it doesn't, we can schedule a new replacement for your key.

Did you buy a used vehicle and only have a copy of the key?

If your vehicle is new or used, it is important to have an additional copy, which allows us to open or start the vehicle, in case of loss or not having another key available. It is vital, in an emergency, to have an accessible replacement for our keys.

Did you keep your keys inside your residence?

We carry out the opening of the house or business, in addition to making the keys with and without the original lock, if possible.

Bought a new or repossessed house and only have one copy of the key?

If your residence is new or repossessed, we can make additional copies for everyone in the household. If you purchased a repossessed residence, we have the option to duplicate, open, or replace existing keys or locks with new ones. It is essential, in case of emergency, to have a replacement available for our keys.

Who are we?

At TU Cerrajero, we are specialists in keys with or without the original one for your car, business or residence!

We carry out all kinds of quality services, with certified locksmith experts for residences, businesses and automobiles. We work your emergency at home, in the metropolitan area, north, neighboring towns in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Monte Hiedra, Guaynabo, Caguas , Bayamón, Trujillo Alto, Condado, Santurce, Cupey, Rio Grande, Rio Piedras, Caguas, Carolina, Isla Verde, Dorado & metro area. at the time and by appointment. Request a free professional quote by calling or texting our phone: 787-665-0980.

In times of emergency, when you need the presence, responsibility and efficiency of a certified locksmith, do not hesitate to contact YOUR Locksmith!

If you have any other questions, you can call us 24/7